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Michael is very passionate about food, and in his spare time he runs a personal blog focused on the world’s rapidly growing burger scene called The Hamburgler. Michael started the blog in 2013, which since then has grown into more than simply burgers. The Hamburgler now incorporates all aspects of any burger lover's lifestyle - more food, fashion, some fitness, travel, and day-to-day activity. he is grateful and proud to say that The Hamburgler is one of the most Influential burger and food blogs in Australia., making no .4 on The Weekly Reviews 23 Aussie foodies you need to follow on Instagram list.



  • Firstly, Michael is not a chef. Michael is simply someone who loves to eat and loves a great story and this is why we believe the page has been successful. There is no fancy food critic writing; the way everything is written is by someone people can relate to. Michael is putting his opinion out to the burger world, and the burger world is listening and appreciating these honest words.
  • The Hamburgler is not a food blog based solely on reviewing specific burgers or locations, but showcasing a general interest in food and food trends, and collaborating with fellow foodies, brands and partners of similar interests. A lot of people from all walks of life have reached out to connect with Michael and he is always willing to hear them out and consider the potential, but in saying this Micheal runs a very honest blog and don't do anything for the sake of a 'like.'
  • Michael has a background in marketing and business, and therefore uses a highly successful and realistic combination of theoretical knowledge paired with life and on-ground experience to grow the page to what it is today.
  • As The Hamburgler page grew exponentially, Michael realised that the quality of content needed to increase. Michael owns a high quality Canon digital camera and has learnt photography skills along the way, on top of possessing the ability to effectively use a number of editing programs to get the best result for each clients




With a reach of over 50,000 through both Facebook and Instagram, people that follow him stick around for a reason! Michael has a high loyalty and interaction, over the past three years he has accumulated over 500,000 likes and over 40,000 comments. These people come from all walks of life - from model Megan Blake Irwin, to the Boss Hunting team to celebrity trainer Dan Adair - demonstrating that deep down inside everyone there's a fatty at heart just waiting for the right time, place and burg.





  • Your brand can trust that it is in good, sauce-covered hands!
  • The Hamburgler prides itself on eye-catching content and high community engagement.
  • Michael is always looking for ongoing partnerships, sponsorships and ambassadorships with restaurants, clothing labels, travel and lifestyle brands.
  • Michael guarantees he will always provide genuine content of his experiences.




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