Kris has been a health advocate since she was 15! She has studied Science, Exercise Physiology, PE and nutrition, and spends her time writing, speaking, and consulting on all things health.


Her career in the health and fitness industry spans 25 years, accumulating a wealth of knowledge and experience, including facilitating health & wellness workshops in both Australia and over seas. She has authored several books, with her latest book, The Low HI Diet (New Holland) available September 2014.


  • Kris has a great reputation in the health, wellness & spa industry across the globe.
  • Kris doesn’t sit on the outskirts of the health, wellness & spa industry, she is fully entrenched  of Australia’s leading experts.
  • For this reason she is invited to speak at international events and sits on the judging panel of the global awards.
  • Kris is part of the global spa & wellness summit, an invite only group of thought leaders for the industry.
  • Kris also sits on the board of the international health & wellness alliance!




Her blog was launched in January this year and already has over 15,000 unique visitors per month. Her social networks reach an audience over 50,000 and is rapidly growing due to taking her personal brand online.


Kris’s main audience is aged from 25 to 55 years young. They understand that real wealth is about having abundant health, vitality and time. They eat consciously, exercise regularly, enjoy luxury, They spend well on their appearance and make lifestyle choices based around style with sustainability!


Kris is not your typical health, wellness and Spa influencer as she has numerous media outlets beyond her social media channels. Her reputation is held in high regard and brands she has worked with have nothing but positive praise to say.




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