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Jordan Bruno is 24 years old and from sunny West Australia. He was the star of the number one Australian cooking television show ‘My Kitchen Rules’ with his Mother, Anna. The team consistently served up traditional Maltese and Italian cuisine throughout the series, making it to the semifinals and placing third. Anna and Jordan were known for their openly loving relationship and were portrayed as the ‘heroes’ of the show.


Furthermore, Jordan was recognized as the first openly gay contestant on the show, he is a firm believer in campaigning for equality, and at present he is an ambassador for Gay Equality Australia.


  • Jordan is an ambassador for gay equality Australia.
  • Jordan has accomplished third place in My Kitchen Rules.
  • Jordan has a strong social following, rapidly growing from 50,000 people in total.
  • Jordan has done everything possible to interact with his following to ensure they maintain an interest in his social outputs.
  • Through consistent cooking demonstrations and ongoing social contracts Jordan has been able to create a loyal following.
  • Jordan is doing consistent ongoing work with photographers, event managers, and larger social influences to ensure his socials remain relevant and keep growing.
  • Jordan has been portrayed as compassionate, young, fun and free by the media.




Instagram: 40,000+

Twitter: 1300+

Facebook: 6000+


Jordan’s socials have a defined market audience. They are largely young adult girls (18-30), gay men (18-40) and slightly older women (30-35) and are nearly all from Australia, with huge fan bases in Perth, Melbourne and Sydney in particular. His social accounts are growing by approximately 1,300 every week. His socials were only launched in March this year, showing how incredible the growth in such a short amount of time.


  • Ambassador for food products: Jordan has limited his brand to any food products thus far. He has been portrayed as a connoisseur of homey healthy food.
  • Ambassador for fresh produce: Supporter of high quality food products and vegetables in particular.
  • Ambassador for Australia (WA in particular): He is a reflection of the youth within Australia and is incredibly proud of his country.
  • Ambassador for equality: Known for his sexual identity, Jordan has voiced his opinions on equality within Australia.
  • Ambassador for male fashion brands: Has a fashion based social media profile that showcases male fashion brands. Has a keen gay following that is fashion focused.


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