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Annika established her Youtube channel in 2014 to document her struggles and triumphs in learning to make her own clothing. She makes videos about sewing and style with a focus on sustainable and socially-responsible fashion. She is passionate about teaching people of all abilities how to sew, geeking out about fabrics, fashion and trends, and raising awareness of the impact people's clothing choices have on the world. She also integrates comedy into her videos and doesn’t take herself (or fashion!) too seriously, because she believes that fashion should be fun and accessible to everybody.


  • The top sewing/DIY fashion channel in Australia
  • More than 1 million views every month
  • 550,000+ subscribers on Youtube
  • Annika’s channel has led to the creation of a highly-engaged community of sewists from all over the world, as evidenced by the numerous emails, messages and comments that are received by Annika every day about how learning to sew has changed people’s lives, the translation of her videos into more than 30+ different languages by her community, the sharing of creations under the social media tag #diyannika, and two different facebook groups with over 1000 members each, where people share and exchange their ideas and make friends.





YOUTUBE Subscribers: 500,000 +


Facebook: 50,000 +



Annika's audience is predominantly young women 13-34 years of age who are interested in fashion, design, thrifting and learning how to make their own clothing.

• While the reach of the channel is worldwide, her audience is predominantly from North America, the UK, Australia and Germany.

• In addition to half-a-million youtube subscribers, Annika has an Instagram account with a following of over 50,000 and a highly engaged audience.

• Her audience appreciates her realness in showing the mistakes she makes while sewing, and her openness about body image, ethics and disability.


  • Because Annika is selective with the brands that she works with, her audience knows that her promotions of these brands is genuine and this gives the brand she is working with high credibility with her audience.
  • Through partnership, your brand will gain access through a trusted voice to a large,highly-engaged audience of young people with disposable income.
  • Because socially-responsible business is important to both Annika and to her audience, Annika would prefer to work with brands that hold a rating of B or above (C ratings considered on a case-by-case basis) on Rankabrand  and/or Shop Ethical  or if not listed, brands that can demonstrate transparency in their supply chain and implementation of a living wage to all employees, especially those who manufacture the products.


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